Everywhere you look today there is a new software product that’s targeted at your team or your industry or your philosophy. Some of them are truly transformative and enable a level of communication and collaborative work that’s not been possible before. Yet even the best of these tools force you to change the way your organization operates.

We could talk for days about enterprise software but let’s simply focus on apps and services. Many of these products are specifically built for your use case but still require concessions. Many times these seem like small concessions but over time become more and more painful.

Can you think of an example within your organization?

You bought an app that brings a ton of value for your field team. But is not easily accessible by your accounting team when it comes time to invoice your customer.

Or you found a sales tool that works great for your sales team. But the executive team has no visibility into how the team is performing.

At its core this is the idea behind what we do at Beloved Robot. We’ve encountered so many businesses that have a myriad of apps and software that meet 80% of their needs. So we ask the question:

What if you didn’t have to change your business processes to accommodate a software tool?

What if that tool was built specifically tailored to your organization?

If you are interested in what that could mean for you, then let’s chat.