Since it was a rainy mess we spent most of our weekend in front of the tv watching some of our favorite Halloween movies. This was pretty good timing since the new AppleTV arrived on Friday. There are a lot of cool new features that are available, here's a good overview. The new Siri functionality is great and very intuitive. For me the most exciting thing is the App Store and the ability to build apps for the new AppleTV. After a couple of days the ideas really started to flow and I am excited about the possibilities.


Here are few ideas for some useful apps for construction:

Plans: This is an obvious one. There's something that just feels right about seeing plans rolled out on a big plan table. Sure it's convenient to have them on your iPad also but imagine being about to review the plans on a 50'+ HD TV. This is really exciting to me.

Jobsite Status: What if you could easily tie into your time tracking system and with a glance see everyone who is on the jobsite, what they are currently working on and what's on the docket for the day. Communication and collaboration is so crucial on the jobsite and anything that you can do to bring more transparency to what is happening the better off everyone will be.


Production Dashboard: What are the three or four metrics that mean the most to ensure that production is staying on track? Now imagine that in a few key spots around your facility you could easily monitor these metrics with an AppleTV. Are you ahead of schedule, do you need to investigate why one line is considerably slower than the others? All of this data could be displayed and accessible for everyone to see.

Services Industry

Project Schedule: A client of ours works in industrial services, and they often have 5 to 10 crews working different jobs across the country. They have yet to find a good solution for being able to see company-wide where all of their employees are at any given time and where they are going to be in the next few days. Having a project schedule on an AppleTV where they could navigate and review their teams could be a game-changer for them.

What do you think?

Got any cool AppleTV app ideas?
These are just a few that came to mind over the weekend. There is some great potential in a workplace to expose data that's valuable to every that is currently not easily available. If you are interested in investigating some of these ideas then drop us a line.