Creating the right app starts with discovery. In this phase of our process we do tons of research and analysis: we interview stakeholders, we listen carefully, and we look at what the competition is up too. This is so we can understand your business and the challenges that you face. By the end of this process we are in deep. We will have a clear definition of your business and the opportunities for growth. 


Once we have discovered the opportunities for growth we start creating the plan of attack. This is where we get creative about how we can solve your problems. Everything is possible as we brainstorm. We storyboard ideas and try to find the best way possible to meet your companies needs. Out of these strategy meetings we establish a road map and project plan that will keep us moving in the right direction. 


Now that we have the strategy it is time to design. We are not talking about making something look pretty, that will come later. At the Design phase we prototype, test, refine, prototype, test, refine, prototype, test, refine... I think you get the point. The idea is to harmonize the needs of your company with the software that we will create. At the end of this phase we have a well defined user experience that will tackle your challenges and will really please your users.


Before development begins we have discovered the challenges, built a strategy to tackle these challenges, prototyped and refined our approach, and designed the user experience. All that is left now is to execute. Execution is more than writing code and pushing pixels. As we implement a rock solid app for your business you will stand beside us along the way. Our regular status meetings will allow you to experience our progress and will keep you engaged. While we handle the whole process from idea to implementation we will lean on you heavily as the expert. Our collaboration will result in an app that meets your needs, pleases your users, and will forever change your business.