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iPads for Tradesman

Today we posted a new episode of Future Tradesman in which we discuss iPads and the ways that you can leverage and iPad in your day to day work. Over the past couple of years it has become more and more apparent to us that people no longer want to sit down a desk at the end of the day and "catch up" on paperwork. These "catch up" tasks are such a burden and time-sink.

In today's world we want to get our work done on the go, in the field, in real time. Why should you have to try and recall every moment of your day for your daily notes or try and remember the PO# of that work order that you completed. 

In this episode we give a few tips regarding working on an iPad. It's really much easier now than it has ever been. We even dream about the possibilities of what the iPad Pro might bring. 

Take a listen here or on iTunes