The more you read this blog the more you will learn that Zane and I love podcasts. (You might not have heard but we started our own recently.)

One of our favorite podcasts is Startup. On the most recent episode they did a behind-the-scenes overview of their whole process for creating a new podcast. In the episode they exposed the incredible effort it took to get a podcast from concept to a finished product.

In essence, it is about starting a podcast by one of the best podcasters in the business. The first season of Startup in fact is the story of Alex Blumberg, the founder of Gimlet Media, and his starting a company that is solely focused on creating exceptional podcasts.

Back to this last episode, a particular part of the episode really struck me. Alex refers back to when he was asked by one of his investors "What is your unfair advantage?" This is a profound question to Alex at the time because it helps him to focus on his strengths. After all the unfair advantage that Alex has is the experience and success he garnered while working on This American Life and Planet Money, two podcasts you may be familiar with.

Naturally it prompted me to think about Beloved Robot and what differentiates us from our competition. I could go on and on about what unfair advantage we have over our competition but I'm more interested in you.

What's Your Unfair Advantage?

What is the advantage that you have that no one else has?

What sets your business apart from your competitors?

Is it your speed, design skills, quality, volume, customer service?

What is your unfair advantage compared to those that you work with?

Not that this should be a "I'm better than my co-workers" kind of attitude. But what are the things that you are uniquely talented at that no one else in the company can provide?

Are you extremely talented at one particular business need?

Do have a special connection with people inside the business or customers?

Are you maximizing your talents and skills?

Are you giving your company everything that you have to offer?

What are you doing to maximize that advantage?

Are you marketing to potential clients with stories of your killer customer support?

Are you letting the world know when your company wins awards or gains other recognition?

Taking inventory of the things that you are uniquely gifted with is a powerful experience. It will motivate you to pursue your passions and greater success will follow when you focus on your unfair advantage.