We have launched a podcast called Future Tradesman. Head over to http://www.futuretradesman.com to check it out.

We launched the podcast to capture the stories of tradesman using technology to move their businesses and their trades into the future. We have been fortunate to meet so many innovative individuals that we wanted to share their experiences with you. We will be interviewing a wide-range of characters from managers, engineers, superintendents, field technicians. and even a few CTOs...anyone whose daily work lives have been positively influenced by the tech they use everyday. We hope their stories will inspire you and possibly even shed light on how you can use technology in your trade.

We will also mix-in episodes with just Jarrod and me, where we will use our expertise to discuss software, hardware, integrations, etc. I hope that you find these episodes informational and entertaining.

Click here to head over to the website! There you can recommend new interviews or send us your general thoughts.

Be listening to the podcast for some important announcements on how you can move your business and trade into the future.